We are thrilled to be included in the 2018 Australian Hot 50 Restaurants curated by John Lethlean. The Hot 50 Restaurants is an annual round up of what and who makes the dining in Australia hot right now – and we are hugely humbled to be included in this list since its inception in 2012.

“It’s been a year of change at the high end of town (Quay, Sepia, Bentley) and we don’t expect The Bridge Room in Sydney’s CBD to remain immune forever. It is an almost perfect little restaurant, but it is little, so we’ll have to trust them to hang on to the baby when the bathwater goes and a new home is found. But as long as Ross Lusted is running the kitchen, the best restaurant in Australia nobody has heard of will remain a very good thing, wherever it is. We love Lusted’s unique food, a synthesis of excellent technique, an artistic bent and a good, old-fashioned lust for flavour. In his own words, Lusted cooks Western food with an Asian brain; it means delicate dishes that offer layers and surprises, complementary textures, but never stray far from the inner beauty of the produce itself. And every year there’s a new surprise. Raw wild kingfish, for example, with scarlet potato softened in dashi, bonito cream and kombu salt. Or a sublimely feminine, finely textured dessert – always extraordinary here – of guava, strawberry, feijoa and long pepper ice cream with a biscuit and citrus ash. Where do these ideas come from?”

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